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A Glance to the Past

Then & Now in Merrimack

Much has changed in Merrimack, New Hampshire, though some things seem to remain the same. If a visitor from the past was set down in today’s byways, would they recognize where they were. You tell me!


Reeds Ferry Post Office later Ruthies. Located at 600 Daniel Webster Highway.

This building in Merrimack, New Hampshire was dedicated in 1961 as the Reeds Ferry Post Office. Later it became an eatery, Ruthie’s Postal Parlor. Today it is known as Charlie’s Homestyle Diner. The Reeds Ferry Post Office’s zip code was 03078.

Charlies Homestyle Diner in 2022.
Reeds Ferry Square, circa 1914


Reeds Ferry Square has changed a great deal from the time on the antique postcard. The automobile age had just started in earnest, and dirt roads were everywhere in Merrimack. Not every home had a telephone, and radios were the rage. Today our transportation is quicker, the roads paved, and the internet how we often receive our news and music. At the convergence of the Daniel Webster Highway, Depot Street, and Harris Road, the only thing that remains today seems to be the Reeds Ferry Market store.

Former Reeds Ferry Square, 2022

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