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The Merrimack Historical Society is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization. We do, however, have expenses. Our “historic” (which means “quaint, but often needing maintenance”) schoolhouses aka historical society buildings require on-going repairs and upgrades. Our artifacts need to be preserved in an acid-free environment that incurs a cost. In addition, we often see artifacts and documents for sale, relating to Merrimack’s history and people, and would like to be able to purchase them.

Please consider making a donation of your time, talent, a monetary gift, or a donation of a Merrimack artifact.

Donate by cash, check, money-order, or online.

To make a monetary donation, please send a check (a money order, or cash will be accepted also), made payable to “Merrimack Historical Society,” and mail to:

Merrimack Historical Society
10 Depot St
Merrimack, New Hampshire 03054

The Merrimack Historical Society now is accepting online payments. If you wish to support the historical society with a monetary donation at this time, visit our online shop. Also visit our SHOP to see our selection on historical merchandise for sale.

Thank you for your support of the Merrimack Historical Society.

  • Friends $0-99
  • Partners $100-$299
  • Benefactors $300-$499
  • Builders $500-$999
  • Founders $1000-$4999
  • President’s Society $5,000+
  • Granite Society $15,000+

Do your ancestors come from Merrimack?

There is no better way to honor your ancestors, than by making a gift to honor their memory, and at the same time preserving Merrimack’s historic treasures! Gifts may be made on behalf of yourself, or to honor a living individual (or a group), and also to honor the memory of a loved one or family. Every gift is gratefully acknowledged.

We are extremely grateful when we receive items and artifacts of historic importance to Merrimack, New Hampshire, to add to our collection. These items might include (but are not limited to):

  • photographs, albums, documents, pamphlets, and advertising, relating to Merrimack history, including letters and diaries of people who lived here or have a strong connection to our town.
  • published genealogies or town history books of Merrimack, surrounding areas, and New Hampshire
  • antique furniture pieces, household and industrial objects
  • Native American/Native People artifacts (locally collected)
  • African-American, and culturally diverse artifacts and documents, from the early days of Merrimack
  • films and videotapes; sound recordings
  • corporate, organizational, institutional and personal archives
  • early costumes and textiles, including embroidered or cross-stitched creations
  • prints, paintings and sculpture
  • antique toys
  • other Merrimack memorabilia

We are also seeking information on the following Merrimack-specific places or people.

You may be an avid collector, and have found great pleasure, in collecting, art, quilts, or any other number of items from Merrimack’s past. Your collection, years in the making, fills you with a feeling of pride, and satisfaction. You may be planning to pass your collection to your child or grandchild, or you may be looking for other options. If so, have you considered giving your collectibles now, or through your will, to the Merrimack Historical Society? A gift to the society will benefit generations to come, and many will benefit and learn from your “treasures.”

To make a donation of an object, artifact, document, or collection, please contact our president by telephone or email (see below).

We will be very grateful for the donation of any of these items to the Society.  All items need to be new or like-new.

Please contact one of the Society officers if you have a donation!

  • Label maker and/or label-making software; printer labels
  • Commercial folding tables (ie 8ft x 3ft)
  • Office chairs
  • General office supplies: Folders, pens, pencils, paper, printer paper, index cards
  • Archival folders, document sleeves, container boxes [for example, items found at places such as Gaylord Archival or University Products].
  • Microwave, table top
  • Coffee maker, 12 cup standard, uses loose coffee
  • Scanner – flat bed, high quality for archiving