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Photo Galleries

Several photo galleries were created by the Merrimack Historical Society celebrating the Town of Merrimack’s 275 Anniversary in 2021. Merrimack was established in 1746 and was originally called the Town of Merrymac.

Gallery #1 – Passaconaway

Passaconaway, the famed sachem signed a treaty with the General Court of Massachusetts on April 9, 1662, and was granted a tract of land (in what is now Merrimack NH) three miles long and one and a half miles wide north of the Souhegan River. This tract included the two river islands in Reeds Ferry. The formal request, made to Governor Endicott of Massachusetts was granted for 25 English pounds. After Passaconaway died, this same land was granted to Benjamin Smith in 1731.

Gallery #3 – Schoolhouses

Merrimack has a rich history of one room schoolhouses dating well back to the 1800s. There were 13 one room schoolhouses built in Merrimack. In one instance a one room schoolhouse, #3, was expanded to a two room schoolhouse. Schoolhouse #3 become the home to the PTA Kindergarten from 1961 to 2021. Schoolhouse #3 is now home to the Merrimack Historical Society. Full size signboards (24″ x 36″) are available for view in our museum and meeting house at 10 Depot St.

Gallery #4 – Merrimack in Wartime

Many volunteered to serve during wartime, from the Revolutionary War to the present.
– During the Revolutionary War, Slide 2 speaks about many who participated in the war’s battles. One of those men, Caesar Barnes has a particularly interesting history. For a deeper dive on Ceasar Barnes’s history, the following link provides additional information and some thought provoking questions.
– During World War I. The two who made the supreme sacrifice were James Herbert Ferguson and Gilbert Duncan Fraser.
– Merrimack New Hampshire sent many of its young men and women to serve in various branches of the military during World War II. Warriner Playground at Veterans Memorial Park honors Weston L. Warriner, killed during World War II, on December 28, 1944 at Leyte in the Philippines.
– In more recent history, Marine Cpl. Timothy M. Gibson died on 26 January 2005 when the CH-53E helicopter he was in crashed near Ar Rutbah, Iraq. An athletic field was named in his honor.

Gallery #5 – Notable Women of Merrimack

From Merrimack’s first business women, the sisters Elizabeth, Rebecca, Abigail, Susan, and Lucy B Burnap who discovered a special kind of grass they called “Dunstable Straw” and wove it to create beautiful “Leghorn hats” to more recently, women like Madeline Bennett and Maggi Parker who set high standards in education and volunteering.

More photo galleries coming soon!