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Gallery #1 – Passaconaway

  • PASSACONAWAY - Leader of the Algonquin Nation Between 1550 and 1700, New England was populated with Native Americans and was the last of the woodland period of Hunter Gatherers. It is estimated that before the plagues there were as many as 60,000 natives. In 1662 Chief Passaconaway petitioned the General Court of Massachusetts for a grant of land to him known as Naticook. It included two islands in the Merrimack River, Minihaha and Miniwawa. In addition, he received land one and one-half mile deep and three miles long on the east side of the river below the islands and on the west side of the river above the islands. This is where he spent his final years on the land, he loved the best. This same land would later be given to the soldier’s who fought in King Philips war and added to the town of Merrimack in our second incorporation on June 5, 1750.