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NOTE: At the present time, both museums are closed pending the completion of the Society’s move to our new Depot Street location. Tours of Schoolhouse #12 in South Merrimack may be scheduled by appointment. Please contact us.

The Merrimack Historical Society has two museums. Both are former one-room schoolhouses, that were renovated or expanded. They are located in separate parts of town–in Reeds Ferry and South Merrimack villages.

The old Schoolhouse #3 aka Reeds Ferry Schoolhouse located at 10 Depot Street is the primary site of the Merrimack Historical Society. Today the building contains its museum archive and is also a state-of-the-art history research location.

According to Chuck Mower, the Society’s vice president:

“Schoolhouse #3 was originally a one-room school (located at 632 DW Highway south of St. James Methodist Church). The first teachers were Priscilla Merrill and Alexis Proctor in 1845. In 1894 it was rebuilt, then expanded to a two-room wooden school. In 1952 it was moved to 10 Depot Street. It remained open as a grammar school until 1961 until the James Mastricola school was built. The school’s last teachers were Madeline Bennett and Evelyn Shorey. It was later the home of the “Merrimack PTA Kindergarten”–for 60 years from 1951 to 2021.

According to Chuck Mower, the Society’s vice president: “Schoolhouse #12 opened in 1847 and closed in 1947. When it was sold in April 1988 it became the home of the Merrimack Historical Society. The first teacher in 1847 was Rev. S. Dodge from the Congregational Church. The last teacher in 1947 was John Gallagher.”

To arrange for a tour of either museum, please contact us (see directly below for that information).