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Open House

May 20-21 Merrimack Historical Society First Annual Open House The Merrimack Historical Society will host its First Annual Open House on Saturday-Sunday, May 20-21, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., in its spacious new home at 10 Depot Street (formerly… Read More »Open House

Preview our new web site!

We’ve had several challenges and made many changes in the past months. The Society has leased a second location at 10 Depot Street in Merrimack NH that is also our primary museum and research space. We’ve also changed the look… Read More »Preview our new web site!

A Glance to the Past

Much has changed in Merrimack, New Hampshire, though some things seem to remain the same. If a visitor from the past was set down in today’s byways, would they recognize where they were. You tell me! POST OFFICE TO EATERY… Read More »A Glance to the Past