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Sponsorships provide our members with many opportunities:

your family history, and meet your neighbors. Uncover Merrimack’s and YOUR connections to significant people and events.

in new activities, and become part of Merrimack’s current history. Help to preserve Merrimack’s past TODAY.

our Virtual Library. Research your family tree or learn more about your house and neighbors. See glimpses of the past through photographs.

behind the scenes documentation of Merrimack’s past and present. Support the preservation of the museum’s collections. Help us improve research, cataloguing and school curriculum projects.

Emma Cross
Merrimack’s second Librarian

Categories of Membership

  • Annual Individual/Household – $25 / year
    (membership is extended to you and all members of your immediate household)
  • Sustaining Member – $50 / year
  • Student Member – $10 / year
  • Lifetime, Over age 60, all who qualify $200.00
  • Lifetime, Under 60 $250

Business Sponsorships

  • Bronze Sponsorship – $150 / year
  • Silver Sponsorship – $300 / year
  • Gold Sponsorship – $500 / year
  • Platinum Sponsorship – $1,000 / year
  • Premium Sponsorship – of more than $1,000 / year

All Sponsorships run yearly: January 1st to December 31st.

  • Brand Awareness – Help increase brand awareness of your business.
  • Financial Incentives – Potential tax incentives. Many corporations engage in sponsorships and donations in part because of the corporate tax breaks that are available.
  • Corporate Reputation – Have the potential for major impact on a corporation’s overall reputation with employees, consumers, and other organizations in the local community.
  • Preservation of Merrimack’s rich history – Enable the Merrimack Historical Society to continue offering its membership the opportunities to Discover, Participate, and Explore Merrimack’s rich history.
  • Includes the logos of our corporate sponsors on our Sponsor page for added visibility in the community.

Please include your check or money order (along with an application) payable to Merrimack Historical Society, and mail to us.

Thank you for your support!

1946 Bicentennial of Merrimack NH re-enactors. Colorized photograph.