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‘To & Froe’ Video Series

To & Froe: Introduction

The New Hampshire, Merrimack Historical Society’s introduction to the first in a series of programs regarding the history of Merrimack, NH. Recorded on February 7 2022.

To & Froe: The Grist Mill Bridge

Build a bridge to the future at Twin Bridges Park. A covered bridge that will represent the rich history of Merrimack’s past. Filmed on February 23 2022.

To & Froe: How we selected our name

How the Merrimack Historical Society chose the name “To & Froe” for its video series. Learn about the history of a Viking tool called “a froe”.

To & Froe: My Act

The history of My Act, a theater group that began in Merrimack, it has won awards, performed for thirty plus years and many of it’s participants have careers in theater and the arts.

To & Froe: The Big Move

A documentary of moving the Merrimack NH, Schoolhouse #3, in 1951 and it’s history, from a two room schoolhouse in the 1890’s, to the PTA Kindergarten -1961 to 2021and in 2021 the new home of the Merrimack Historical Society. It’s the story of “men that moved big things” articulated by their surviving sons. Featured, is another historic Merrimack home, being moved with the most modern building moving equipment.

To & Froe: Merrimack NH Graveyards

A documentary of the Merrimack Historical Society and the NH Old Graveyard Association cleaning (NHOGA) and repairing over 700 gravestones in graveyards of Merrimack, NH.

To & Froe: The Christmas Holiday Parade 2022

Santa’s visit to the 1771 Barron House, Christmas readings by Santa and Chuck Mower. The Merrimack, NH tree lighting parade December 4, 2022.

To & Froe: The History of the John L Reed House 1855

This is a documentary of a historic house in Merrimack, New Hampshire and its life history. This home was constructed in the wilderness of Merrimack, circa 1800 using the now extinct “American Chestnut tree”. The hand hewn chestnut timbers of its post and beam structure were preserved for historic purposes. Includes interviews of the history of this home from beginning to end.

To & Froe: A tribute to Anita Creager

Anita Creager was a tireless and longtime volunteer in the Town of Merrimack, NH. This video is to recognize the work she has done for the Merrimack Historical Society, the Boy Scouts and the Merrimack Heritage Commission. Anita has accomplished much, as a leader, organizer, and volunteer in her community. Anita has achieved many goals in her life and this video is to honor her work.